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We began this business after experiencing first hand how difficult it can be to qualify for Medicaid at a Long Term Care facility.  Our aunt and uncle both needed full time care at a monthly cost of around $9,000.  After speaking with the Health and Human Service Commission office they were told to spend down their total assets to $3,000 and they would qualify for Medicaid. 

After spending their life savings and even selling their home and vehicle, Medicaid benefits finally began. They were devastated! We began to then research how to help families with with homestead and asset preservation and Medicaid qualification in hopes that others will never have to experience what our family did. Thus, the business was started.

What are people saying about Texas Senior Advantage?

  • "Thanks for your assistance in my Uncle Jim's medicaid application. I honestly do not know what I would have done if your name had not come up in a conversation with another family at the nursing home in Corpus Christi. And you've even got his house saved so I can live in it until it becomes officially mine one day."

  • "Wow!! I was so relieved when you drove to San Antonio to help me with that mess I was in with Grandpa's house and finances while trying to get him on Medicaid.  Thank you Ed!!"

  • "....and while we were trying to get both our parents admitted to one of the Kerrville nursing homes, you happened to be there on another appointment but extended your time to help us. It seemed we were at our wits end but in a matter of an hour we knew everything was going to be just fine. Mom and Dad are both doing well and we thank you for your help with Medicaid for both of them."

    T & L.P.
  • "Just when we thought we had nowhere to turn, we saw your card at the nursing home in San Antonio where we had just placed Dad. After that first meeting we were off and running with a plan and you even helped us save the house. Dad was relieved to know his wishes could still be carried out."

  • "What a great service you offer! When we had to put Granddad in the nursing home here in Fredericksburg, we thought Grandmother might be left destitute. You calmed our nerves and handled the whole process and Granddad was Medicaid approved and Grandmother kept the same lifestyle as before."

  • "I had been searching online for Medicaid Attorneys when I found this website and called Ed.  He was able to answer all my questions and I made an appointment to have my free consult the following week.  We placed Dad in a San Antonio Nursing Home where he was very happy and  was Medicaid qualified in a matter of  two months."

  • "I just spoke with my mom, and she feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from her shoulders---- thanks to you. Her voice is now tension-free, her outlook is sunnier and she's grateful to you for your kindness and patience. And so am I because we know we have Grandad in a safe nursing home in Kerrville  TX.”

  • "We live between Fredericksburg and Llano TX and had heard about Ed at a nursing home in Fredericksburg.  We were private paying but Ed helped get Mom qualified for Medicaid and the monthly drain to her savings stopped."