We protect the assets of your loved one,
while getting them qualified for Medicaid Long Term Care.

Texas Senior Advantage| DBA: Senior Planning Services



Families deserve accurate Medicaid information.  Don’t fall victim to myths regarding long term care Medicaid assistance.  Our staff will let you know there is a way to meet special needs, save assets, and save the homestead with a no cost consultation


We have many years of experience in protecting family’s assets just like yours.  We deal specifically with Medicaid for long term care.  Many people are misinformed regarding Medicaid rules and regulations.  We have proven results and experience to save your money and get your loved one qualified.


It is difficult dealing with a loved one who now needs 24 hour care due to memory loss or physical limitations.  Our professional staff will offer a plan, counsel, and direct you and your family regarding the very best way to proceed with Texas Medicaid qualifications for long term care.

“Qualifying and gaining eligibility for Texas Medicaid long term care can be a big problem for most families.  Medicaid rules and regulations are difficult to understand.  Our professional staff will work with the family to get Medicaid help.”

– Ed Marcum C.E.O, Texas Senior Advantage

Experienced Medicaid Professionals

We have been in business several years and since then we have helped many families just like yours preserve assets, save the homestead, and get their loved one qualified for Medicaid.  Every case is different and no case is too complicated to get your family member qualified for Texas Medicaid.

Too many people lose too much money needlessly because their decisions were based on half-truths, rumors, and myths.  This information is provided with the specific purpose to prevent someone, maybe you, from becoming the next victim of needless impoverishment.